New Album


  • The Mighty Bard - Blue God and Other Stories @ Bandcamp.   Available on CD & Digital Download.

    The Mighty Bard are a UK based band, singers and players of thoughtfully crafted songs - storytellers in the classic British melodic progressive rock tradition - from compelling and emotive tales such as 'Blue God', a story about power and control to delicate ballads like 'Coward' and the recent epic composition 'The Black Train'

    Formed in 2004 by guitarist Dave Clarke and ex-Silmarillion keyboardist Neil Cockle, the band has evolved into the 6-piece unit it is today.

    Current line-up: Mark 'Cad' Cadman (bass), Dave Clarke (guitar & vocals), Neil Cockle (keyboards), Andy Dovey (drums),  Mark Parker (electric violins & vocals) and Gavin Webb (lead vocals)

    The release of the new album 'Blue God and Other Stories' will herald a tour in 2015, the band is recording the next album, which is due out in 2015.